Our Story

Small shops catering to local folks and tourists are scattered all over New York City from Canal St. in the heart of China Town, to College Point and along Jamaica Ave. in Jamaica, Queens.

Working as a driver’s helper for a luggage wholesale company has been a rewarding experience especially when interacting with shop owners who are share valuable insight to small business survival.

Passing-through narrow city streets and the Midtown, Lincoln & Holland tunnels going in/out of Manhattan, seeing endless crowds of people everywhere and going over the scenic George Washington, Tappan Zee, Verrazano-Narrows & Throgs Neck bridges are always a treat.

Despite getting berated a few times by moody customers, my backpack stolen by a thug in Brooklyn and countless products falling off the hand truck, these random experiences has taught me the need to stay humble, cool, calm and collected.

Why Backpacks & Snacks?

They’re usually sold/bought individually, never as a bundle. Perhaps, that’s something that hasn’t been explored by vendors & buyers alike.

After months & long hours of discussions with my wife about taking on that challenge, we ended up deciding to combine delicious Japanese snacks and backpacks as a product line and sell them in-person.

Esteban- @warehouseninja